Monday, July 18, 2011

A Promise From Allah:-)

My Husband has made me laugh, 
wiped my tears, 
hugged me tight, 
saved my life, 
watched me succeed,
 seen me fail, 
cheered me on, 
kept me going strong, 
put up with my mood swings,
 has said everything will be alright when things get tough, 
keeps me sane. 
My husband is a promise from Allah 
that I'll have a friend forever .. 

Copy and paste this if you have a great husband like I do.


izfanora said...

belum boleh nak copy paste lg lah.. :)

humbleyat said...

insha Allah, coming soon ye izfa :-)
sy akan doakan yg terbaek utk izfa:-)

Silent Reader :-) said...

uhuk!! uhuk!! terbatuk pulak...:-)

humbleyat said...

silent reader:
jgn lupa mkan ubat ye:-)

incik said...

SO SWEET..hope one day dpt copy n paste like u did!..sekarang tak boleh lagi..huhu

humbleyat said...

tq so much..
insha Allah, coming soon ye incik
;-).nnti bila dah sampi waktunya jgn lupa wat entri ni yerk:-)

miss fiza said...

nk jugak copy paste.. insyaAllah coming veri soon :)

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